Posted by: janamatusz | July 27, 2012

July 27 – A gorgeous day

I’m absolutely not going to complain if it’s too hot and sunny! Enjoyed painting, but had to do it under my umbrella. The sun was very intense. Later I spent a few hours sitting in the main square sketching. Last night’s concert is still playing in my mind, a beautiful soundtrack for the day.


View of Town and Vltava (16×20″)











Posted by: janamatusz | July 27, 2012

July 26 – Kapralova Quartet

An iffy morning turned into a sunny day. I did laundry and only a couple drawings, but the absolute high point of the day was the evening concert at the Masquerade Hall of the Kapralova Quartet. They performed with Melanie Hosp, guitarist, in a concert of Richter, Boccherini, Mendelssohn and (best of all) the Suite Buenos Aires by Pujol. What a concert. I cannot say enough how beautiful, how musical, how sensitive and how excellent it was. In concerts here we’ve all been dazzled by young Turks competing with their virtuoso pyrotechnics, but this, my friends, this was exquisite. Brava to these incredible musicians. My cup runneth over, and Cesky Krumlov was more beautiful than ever, seen through tears on the way home.

By the way, the second movement of the Pujol, “Palermo,” is worth 4.5 minutes of your life. Go hear it right now. (Sorry it’s not the Kapralova Quartet performing it, but these musicians perform it beautifully too.)




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July 25 – Oh, yes, THAT rain…

All day, a persistent shower. I hunkered down in the tower, ducked under the rope, and lost myself in another town drawing. It was a good way to make an unpleasant day rather pleasant after all.






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July 24 – Cold? Rain? What cold and rain?

Today was a beautiful summer day. When it’s this beautiful it’s hard to believe it was ever so horribly cold and wet here. I headed up to the Castle Gardens and painted in the shade of the beautiful beech trees. I often had a whole audience behind me, but I was concentrating so hard I barely noticed.

Cascade Fountain (20×16″)






Here’s the painting from yesterday evening and a photo. (See why I was so excited that the car wasn’t there?)


Plesivecka Street (20×20″)



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July 23 – Blessed blessed sunshine

The morning mist slowly burned off…

there was the Monday trash collection…

and then there was BLUE SKY! The color knobs turned, and I was in Oz again. Well, not Oz, but a very different Cesky Krumlov. What a difference sunlight makes. And warmth! This town is inspiring even without sun, but it was nice to have a good outdoors day.




I was able to finish the painting I’d needed sunshine for, I was able to draw comfortably, and in the evening I  leapt at the opportunity to do another painting I’d been hoping to do when I saw that a perpetually parked car was gone! (I’ll put that painting in the next post.) A productive day. No need to do crabby indoor self-portraits today.  🙂

Roofs and Synagogue (20×20″)



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July 22 – My last week begins

Only one more week of drawing and painting. It is still very cold, and it’s difficult to draw and paint. I sketched in the square again for as long as I could, then drew a little at home. In the evening I enjoyed a concert of guitar and flute pieces at the Vlassky Dvur.



Teaser time: Palacinky with blueberries. Mmmmm.






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July 21 – Rainy sketching day in square, concert at night

I spent most of the day in the main square (Náměstí Svornosti) sketching. It is very difficult and very frustrating to sketch moving subjects, but it’s also very interesting to watch people. In the evening I went to the Castle Riding Hall (Zámecká jízdárna) for an International Music Festival concert. (For a small town, Cesky Krumlov sure is a happening place.)










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July 20 – Cloudy and wet

And cold. Temperatures in the 50s and low 60s again. The rain held off most of the day, and I was able to get one drawing done. It’s a good day for reading and being lazy. Today is the first day of the Cesky Krumlov International Music Festival, so there are lots of limos and important people in town.





Posted by: janamatusz | July 20, 2012

July 19 – Soggy day of drawing

Since I love drawing from the top of the tower, I went there again this morning. After the first drawing the intense rain drove me inside, so I drew from one of the little round windows half-way down. More drawing in the square and with my kind guitarists filled the rest of my day.








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July 18 – Nice weather arrives

Weather is really important when you’re painting outdoors. It did indeed warm up a little today, and consistent sunshine made an appearance in the afternoon. I painted all morning and afternoon, and just took a slow walk this evening. There’s always something interesting to notice in this town…


Riverside Houses (20×16″)




If you must have grilles over your windows…why not beautiful ones?

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