Posted by: janamatusz | July 24, 2012

July 23 – Blessed blessed sunshine

The morning mist slowly burned off…

there was the Monday trash collection…

and then there was BLUE SKY! The color knobs turned, and I was in Oz again. Well, not Oz, but a very different Cesky Krumlov. What a difference sunlight makes. And warmth! This town is inspiring even without sun, but it was nice to have a good outdoors day.




I was able to finish the painting I’d needed sunshine for, I was able to draw comfortably, and in the evening I  leapt at the opportunity to do another painting I’d been hoping to do when I saw that a perpetually parked car was gone! (I’ll put that painting in the next post.) A productive day. No need to do crabby indoor self-portraits today.  🙂

Roofs and Synagogue (20×20″)




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