Posted by: janamatusz | July 27, 2012

July 26 – Kapralova Quartet

An iffy morning turned into a sunny day. I did laundry and only a couple drawings, but the absolute high point of the day was the evening concert at the Masquerade Hall of the Kapralova Quartet. They performed with Melanie Hosp, guitarist, in a concert of Richter, Boccherini, Mendelssohn and (best of all) the Suite Buenos Aires by Pujol. What a concert. I cannot say enough how beautiful, how musical, how sensitive and how excellent it was. In concerts here we’ve all been dazzled by young Turks competing with their virtuoso pyrotechnics, but this, my friends, this was exquisite. Brava to these incredible musicians. My cup runneth over, and Cesky Krumlov was more beautiful than ever, seen through tears on the way home.

By the way, the second movement of the Pujol, “Palermo,” is worth 4.5 minutes of your life. Go hear it right now. (Sorry it’s not the Kapralova Quartet performing it, but these musicians perform it beautifully too.)





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