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Argosy paintings, KMOE drawings, Harvard animal portraits – Art Goes On!

The pandemic was exhausting, but as we pull out of it (hopefully), it’s nice to touch base, celebrate survival, and express thanks for all the good things.

I have not posted in ages, and my old website is gone — I have only this WordPress site now. Eventually I will take care of updating everything. In the meantime, I just wanted to share an update on three fronts.


painting in Maine has been a life saver and a sanity saver. I’ve been able to work there quite a bit this year, and Acadia continues to inspire me.

Argosy Gallery, in Bar Harbor, is featuring my work in an exhibition this summer. Be sure to stop by if you happen to be in the area. Perhaps you saw the ad in American Art Review:

I’m starting to feel like an honorary resident of Maine, since I spend so much time painting in Acadia. I still love my coastal rocks, but I’ll paint a painting when I see one out there, no matter what the object matter is. Here are a couple very recent paintings, hot off the easel — not yet officially titled or framed. They’ll be at the Argosy Gallery soon.

You can also find my paintings at the Powers Gallery in Acton, MA and the Dryden Gallery in Providence, RI.

Toward Wonderland, 20×16″
Tidepool, 16×16″


on a very different note, you can now see some of my figure drawings at the KMOE Gallery in Provincetown, MA.

It has been one of the few GOOD things to come from the pandemic: virtual figure drawing on-line.

I love figure drawing. As always, I attend several drawing sessions a week, but now they can be in London, Asheville, Cambridge, or anywhere in the world. And the model can be anywhere in the world. And the other artists are from everywhere! It’s wonderful. I love it. The on-line offerings are often very diverse and creative. It’s really inspiring to see the work of other artists, and to have the privilege of drawing some really terrific models. (I also appreciate not having to drive, not having to park, and not having to schlep my art supplies.) I hope the virtual figure drawing will be here to stay!

Provincetown is the perfect place to show this work, and I’m delighted to be able to share it at the KMOE Gallery.

Here is a postcard with all the info you need:

Here are a couple more drawings from my on-line sessions. You can see lots more at KMOE Gallery, all season long!

Tiny Feet
Marital Bliss
Zoom Pro


the animal portraits at the Harvard Museum of Natural History are still up! The exhibition was installed the day before the museum closed in March of 2020. The museum is still closed and will stay closed until fall, most likely, but you can visit it virtually! For free!

Go to

and you can walk through all the galleries! Even if you live far far away! I challenge you to find my exhibit of animal portraits, called “Face to Face.” (Hint: it’s between Romer Hall — with the dinosaurs — and the Africa and South America rooms.)

Of course you can still view the portraits there as an on-line exhibition, and read the interview:

I do love those animals, and I miss going to the museum. One of the portraits, of the Kinkajou, will be included in an exhibition called “Wild Things” at the Rocky Neck Art Colony Cultural Center Gallery, in Gloucester MA, August 5 through September 12, 2021.

Kinkajou, Hommage Series

Art goes on. I’m grateful for everyone who helps and supports my work. You know who you are. Thank you!


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