Posted by: janamatusz | August 4, 2022

Still wild about Acadia

I never tire of Acadia. I love painting in Maine. How can you not love a place that looks like this?

Everywhere I turn, there are beautiful places, wonderful things to see and explore, wildlife, vistas, surprises.

I try to capture some of it, as best I can.

It makes a difference, I think, to paint landscapes on-site, no matter how difficult it may be at times.

Here are some paintings from the past year. (Yikes. It’s been a while since I’ve posted.)

My paintings from Acadia are on display at the Argosy Gallery in Bar Harbor.

There was a lovely reception at the gallery in June, and there will be a major group show at the Bar Harbor Inn on August 27, 2022. I’m in excellent company with the “Acadian Eleven.”

Please come if you’re in Maine! Meet Amy Sidman, the gallery director, Charlie Sidman and some wonderful artists who also love Maine. As Amy says on the website, “An Acadian Eleven” is Our major 2022 show opening August 27 at the Bar Harbor Inn. This year’s exhibition will feature work of the eleven artists, still actively painting in Acadia, whom we’ve represented the longest. Formal invitations will go out in the first half of July. If you don’t receive one but would like to attend, just call or email. Everyone is most welcome.

Meanwhile, I’m already thinking of my NEXT painting trip to Acadia. 🙂 I have another way to explore now, and perhaps some of the next paintings will be done en kayak! It’s worth a try, I think!

I can’t be in Maine all the time. (And it wouldn’t be so very special, probably, if I were.) I’m actually very happy to be at home in Massachusetts with Marta and cats and friends.

During the pandemic, I missed the company and camaraderie of my fellow artists at the Providence Art Club. Hopefully I will be able to return soon. However, I have continued with on-line figure drawing sessions, sometimes attending 4 or 5 a week. These are some of the drawings you can find this summer at the KMOE Gallery at 397 Commercial Street in Provincetown, MA:

Thanks for reading. I am so grateful, more than I can say, for all of you who help support my work. Everything seems awfully crazy these days, and I feel very fortunate to be painting and sharing some of what’s good in the world. Thanks!


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