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Over and Under

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It’s a pretty awful time to have exhibitions, isn’t it? Well, as my grandma used to say, “Whatcha gonna do.” We just make the best of it and carry on.

I’m pleased to join fellow artist Michele Poirier Mozzone for a show at the Dryden Gallery which runs from November 7 through December 5, 2020.

It’s a real honor to show with Michele. I’ve admired her work for years.

You can see a short interview of the two of us here:

For those of you who would like to see the “Over and Under” paintings in person, please visit the Dryden Gallery at the NEW Providence Picture Frame location:

Address: 1350 Mineral Spring Ave.
N. Providence, RI 02904
Phone: (401) 421-6196
Business Hours: Monday-Saturday: 9:00AM to 5:00PM
Donna Parsons, Gallery Director/Designer

Many thanks to Donna Parsons for sharing my work at the gallery. For those of you who (like me) would be reluctant to venture out to a gallery these days, I will give you the opportunity to see my 18 paintings right here. (Always better to see paintings in person of course, but “whatcha gonna do,” right?)

Sleeping Giants (Acadia National Park) 20 x 20″ $1850
Solidity (Acadia National Park) 20×20″ $1850
Persistent Fog (Acadia National Park) 20 x 20″ $1850
Tilted City (Acadia National Park) 20 x 20″ $1850
Basalt Blues (Acadia National Park) 20 x 20″ $1850
Thunderhole Rocks (Acadia National Park) 20 x 20″ $1850
Little Moose Landing (Acadia National Park) 20 x 20″ $1850
Schoodic Nook (Acadia National Park) 20 x 20″ $1850
Gap Cove (Cape Ann, MA – Rockport) 20 x 20″ $1850
Flat Rocks Near Folly Point (Cape Ann, MA – Gloucester) 20 x 20″ $1850
Western Point Afternoon (Acadia National Park) 16 x 20″ $1500
Adamant (Acadia National Park) 16 x 20″ $1500
Across the Chasm (Acadia National Park) 20 x 16″ $1500
Submerged Rocks (Cape Ann, MA – Rockport) 16 x 16″ $1275
Sun on the Rocks (Acadia National Park) 16 x 16″ $1275 Sold
Bastion Falls Rocks (Catskills, NY State) 16 x 16″ $1275
Beautiful Blues, Schoodic (Acadia National Park) 16 x 16″ $1275
Light and Heavy (Mount Desert Island, Maine) 16 x 16″ $1275

All the paintings are acrylic on panel, and, as always, painted on site. Yes, I was able to get tested and paint in Maine again this past July and October.

My Harvard animal portraits had their rescheduled showing September 20 through October 9, 2020. The “Hommages” exhibition at the Providence Art Club was a very special one for me. Those portraits were a challenge, a major achievement for me, and very personally meaningful. You can view the catalogue of all the paintings in the exhibit here (my work starts on page 77):

If you’d like to view a video “walk through,” just send me a request at and I’ll send you the file. It’s nice to see the fancy frames (not included in the catalog), and to see how terrific the paintings look when beautifully arranged and lit. Thank you to the Michael Rose and the gallery staff at the Providence Art Club for all their hard work.

Everybody please stay safe and healthy as we give thanks this year.


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