Posted by: janamatusz | June 29, 2011

June 27 – Breakfast, updating the exhibit, more night paintings

Jill was my angel again today, and helped me out tremendously. We had breakfast at Mama Angie’s. Delicious! What wonderful pancakes and extraordinary homemade cakes. Wesley sure knows how to make a superb breakfast! Thanks!

We stopped in at Masterworks to update the exhibit since some paintings went to their new owners who were leaving the island. I ran into Susan and Michael who added “Bridge House” and some sketches to their wonderful collection of Bermuda art! Thank you both!

In the afternoon, Jill and I had a painting session where we did still lifes in acrylics. After a swim and a bite at Jill’s with Diana, the three of us did some painting at night. It really is challenging. I’m showing the painting I did the previous night right outside my apartment, and a snippet of the painting I did today of the White Horse at night. Perhaps I’ll crop that favorite bit out of an otherwise disaster painting.  🙂



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