Posted by: janamatusz | June 26, 2011

June 26 – Meeting Michael and Susan!

At long last, I finally got to meet Michael and Susan! They had purchased one of my Bermuda paintings from my previous visit last March. It’s quite a story, as Michael’s brilliant letter to The Bermudian will attest. Click here to read it:

How wonderful that our Bermuda visits coincided. Michael invited me to join him and Susan and Deanna at Grotto Bay for a fantastic afternoon of good food and wonderful conversation. It was a real treat. Thank you, Michael!

Note the Mirabella V in St. George’s harbor. She is the largest single masted yacht in the world. She makes all the other sailboats, some of which are quite large, seem like toys in comparison.

I learned recently that the tree right outside my door is a pomegranate tree. (Despite the drought here it seems happy, possibly thanks to the gray water from my dish washing and showers!)


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