Posted by: janamatusz | November 4, 2019

Third of Three Posts: Now You Can Wear My Art!

What a great idea. And just in time for the holidays!

I recently got an invitation from Le Galeriste ( to reproduce my artwork on clothing!

Here’s what I learned about them online:

Le Galeriste, based in Montreal, Canada, specializes in the design and production of premium garments with prints of original art curated from hundreds of artists from all over the world. The company’s mission is to help emerging artists focus on their art by supplying revenues and visibility through the sale of environmentally and humanly responsible garments. They are the official supplier for some of the greatest museums on the planet. Recognized by some of the world’s top writers in fashion and art as the reference in wearable art, Le Galeriste is known for the quality of its products, impeccable all over-prints and its just-in-time production processes. You can purchase their garments in numerous boutiques in Canada and USA, AND on-line!

Fashion! Moi? Not exactly something I know much about (as anyone who knows me can attest), but when I saw their proposal I knew that they were right. My artwork looks terrific on clothing and other items. They just finished with the designs. There are twelve items to choose from — take a look!

Click here to see the full selection of Jana Matusz designs from Le Galeriste!

The designs for women’s clothing are beautiful, flowing, feminine and practical. The material is really nice too — it feels like a quality material, comfortable, not too heavy, not too light.

There are men’s shirts as well, and even pillows and placemats. Surely there’s something there you’re eager to have, or to give as gifts at holiday time.

Le Galeriste chose the artwork they wanted to work with first, but you can put in a “vote” for other artwork at the bottom of the page. This is a start! Maybe other things can happen… If there is interest, I will submit other artwork files.

I’m happy to work with this company. They provide a good list of reasons to choose Le Galeriste, some of which may be important to you as a customer too:

  • Many of the best museums and artists on the planet trust us with their art because we’re dedicated to protecting intellectual property and don’t use third party companies in our production process;
  • We’re the only company on the market to assign a living breathing fashion designer to each artist to help you build the best collection possible;
  • Our production is 100% LOCAL (on top of creating good jobs, this also means your art doesn’t end up on a Chinese computer somewhere & that products don’t fly thousands of miles to get to the purchaser);
  • Our fabrics are vegan & wrinkle-free (super travel-friendly!);
  • We are super nice to work with!

As an artist, I’m grateful for the support and the opportunity. I will get at least 10% royalties on whatever is sold from my page (more if certain milestones are reached).

I can’t wait to order a few items myself. And I like to envision my artwork hanging not only on walls but also hanging in your closet! And being worn often out in the wide world.

Please feel free to pass along the link to my Le Galeriste page if you know someone who might be interested. 

Thank you!



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