Posted by: janamatusz | July 19, 2018

Mid-Summer 2018

At last I got a chance to do some painting in Acadia! It’s always a blessing when the weather is good and I’m able to be inspired, productive, and comfortable. (Not always a given when you’re working on site!) I scouted out some new areas and did paintings of trails and forest as well as my favorite rocks.


As always, I delighted in the beauty of Acadia, the closeness to nature, and the joy of being on a painting trip.

I was reminded again of how beautiful the coastal rocks are — strong and architectural, subtle in color and warmth.

Nature always provided sources of wonder, whether it was a pattern of bark on a tree, or the beautiful concert of a hermit thrush.

I was happy to visit some little PIGGIES! at the Beech Hill Farm, who were cute as can be.

They were very difficult to draw, as they were VERY active and did not hold still for even a moment. I’ve been looking for interesting drawing opportunities this summer. Earlier in May and June I visited a number of equestrian events and a dog show, and loved the challenge of drawing on site. I do love to draw, and was reminded of how much fun I had at the Bermuda Ag Show years ago. I’ll definitely look for more drawing possibilities like this. More drawings to come!

I’m looking forward to leading a little August workshop at the Providence Art Club about working “Sans Studio,” drawing and painting out in the real world. Should be a lot of fun! I am ever grateful to be drawing and painting, and ever thankful for the support of dear friends…





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