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March…April…MAINE! Part 2 (and some June too!)

jana painting

What a joy to paint in Acadia, no matter how cold or challenging the weather is! I watched the seasons turn, saw the snow slowly melt from paths, and welcomed the opening blossoms and the opening storefronts as winter turned to spring and spring turned to summer. Of course there were many non-painting days and trips back to Boston, and of course I had my share of paint-overs. But it was wonderful to focus and to build on the previous day’s work, and to witness and record some of the beauty of Acadia. (Did I mention that I love it there?)

To see a selection of the paintings I completed, please visit my website where I have posted some of my favorites:

Since the paintings are posted there, I’ll post mostly photos here so I can share some of the visual delights of being in Acadia for such an extended period.

It’s always fine to see my nature friends,

happy raccoon



Yes, that’s a sleepy porcupine!

pileated woodpecker

And yes, that’s a pileated woodpecker.






and to see the new blossoms and bees and insects emerge after a long winter.



bee by lupin


bee on blossoms


But what I especially love is the amazing Maine landscape — the foggy inlets, the rocky coast, the still forests, the great vistas. Anytime you need to calm and center yourself, there’s nothing like a little Acadiation Therapy! I loved having time to read, (especially works by my new favorite nature author, Bernd Heinrich) and time to be alone in nature. Lonely? Sure, I missed home. It’s not easy to be away. But it only made me ever more grateful for dear friends and people who care for me. Thank you, all of you. You know who you are.


swh fog

coastal cliffs

cliff chasm


Aside from one painting (“Avenging Hawk”) I did in the Dorr Museum at the College of the Atlantic,

Avenging Hawk

all my paintings were done en plein air, outdoors in the cold and wind, where I could work directly from observation and capture something about the experience of being here. It was the landscape which inspired me, and I fell in love with the amazing Acadia rocks all over again.

jana at ingraham

jana painting rock star

facing west site

perpendicular start site

jana painting acadia

Now that I have varnished, photographed, and framed the Acadia paintings, I can look forward to my next paintings.

Yes, of course that includes some more painting in Acadia at the second annual Schoodic Artist Retreat. It’s scheduled for October 18-25. The fall colors should be terrific again. If you are an artist and want to do some work in a truly inspiring setting, check out the details here:

See you there?

P.S. This has nothing to do with Acadia, but I had to share the delight of seeing “Cloud Gate” by Anish Kapoor in Chicago while on a road trip. Fantastic public sculpture — my favorite, I think. Go experience it in person if you can!


cloud gate chicago fun


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