Posted by: janamatusz | June 21, 2012

June 21 – Schiele, trdelnik, drawings…

Did an early morning painting, then I decided to finally, at long last, visit the Egon Schiele Art Centrum here. I didn’t want to go too soon since I wanted to see Cesky Krumlov for myself first. Schiele (1890-1918) lived here for part of his life and did many paintings and drawings here. I think all art students fall in love with Schiele at some point. I’ve never fallen out of love with his work. For a sampling, here’s a website with many reproductions:

Another “finally, at long last” was trying a trdelnik. There are at least five booths or bakeries where you can buy a trdelnik. What’s a trdelnik? See

Marta, ready for another tease? Yum. They’re as good as they look.


This next photo looks dramatic, but it’s only some dredging in the river at a place where rafters must portage their boats while the new channel is under construction.


And the stone workers made great subjects for drawing today.

I’m looking forward to a lot of drawing in the next few days. It’s time for the Five-Petalled Rose Celebrations…


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