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July 4 – My last post on the Bermuda blog. A letter to the Royal Gazette. Thanks everyone!

Independence Day in the U.S.  Happy Fourth! I’m still unpacking and organizing and glowing from fond memories of my Bermuda residency. We put some of the paintings up around the house so we can enjoy them.

Thank you to everyone who helped make the residency possible and who helped make it such a positive experience.

Here is a Letter to the Editor I sent to the Royal Gazette. I’m not sure if they’ll publish it or not, but you can read it here in any case:

A sincere thank you from artist Jana Matusz

To the Editor,

I recently returned home to Boston after a three-month visit to Bermuda as the Masterworks Artist in Residence.

The opportunity to draw and paint is a tremendous gift to an artist, and the inspiration I found in Bermuda was truly remarkable. I’m very grateful to everyone at the Masterworks Foundation for making my residency possible.

Right from the start, I was particularly awed by the intense Bermuda light and color, and the unique architecture (especially in St. George’s) which is a delight to paint. The variety of subject matter, from Ag Show equestrians to Dockyard Glass artists, scuba divers, Bermuda Day parade participants, farm animals, Peppercorn Ceremony, etc. made every day a visual adventure. 

My residency ended up being about people as much as places. I would like to thank all the individual Bermudians who helped me make the most of my residency. In particular, Jill Raine, whose watercolors and prints grace the walls of everyone who loves Bermuda, was an incredibly generous and helpful ambassador. She and her circle of friends made me feel welcome and well cared for during what could otherwise have been a lonely time. The Bermuda Plein Air Painters, which met every Sunday, is a very talented, inspiring and dedicated group. I enjoyed their company, and admired their beautiful and diverse work. The International Women’s Club, especially the Art Group, provided fun outings, delightful company and connections which were very helpful. Many other individuals went out of their way to help me with contacts, rides, and meals. I’m especially grateful to Clifford at the Almeida Farm, who was a splendid model and friend.

I would also like to commend and thank all the Bermudians who, as a whole, serve as a shining example of hospitality, kindness, dignity and pride. In a place where it is expensive to paint and maintain housing and roofing, the Bermudians have, at great personal expense, created a beautiful environment of charm and color which delights every visitor. In situations which would try anyone’s patience, Bermuda’s bus drivers, guides, and citizens have provided directions, helpful advice, and kindness to the many visitors who sometimes overwhelm the island’s resources. I have seen more than “niceness” — I have seen real kindness from Bermudians who have missed their own bus, or delayed their own errands in order to help a confused tourist. It takes a whole country to make visitors feel welcome, and I think Bermudians are doing a splendid job.

You should feel very proud of your country and your fellow Bermudians. You have much to be proud of. I was very impressed, and look forward to visiting Bermuda again.


Jana Matusz
Arlington, MA
Masterworks Artist in Residence, April-June 2011

A blog of Jana’s experiences during her residency is available online at

As always, if you’d like to be in touch, please feel free to email me at Thanks again, everyone! Cheers!



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