Posted by: janamatusz | June 30, 2011

June 29 – Exhibition comes down

Slept in and  recovered from the Jana teaching marathon. Jill and I intersected with Elyse and Tom who were at Frameworks ordering frames for my paintings! Then it was off to the Masterworks museum to take down the exhibit. The sales tallies include 14 paintings (plus 3 given to Masterworks), 10 framed drawings, and dozens of unframed drawings. I measure success in terms of the amount and quality of the work I was able to do here in Bermuda, not the sales, but it’s always nice when people like your work well enough to purchase it. I’m also very pleased to have my paintings and a book of my drawings in the collection of the Masterworks Museum.

While at the gallery, I saw Susan and Michael one more time, and they gave me yet another wonderful gift — a cd of tree frog noises! Now I’ll be able to sleep when I return to Boston! (Thank you!)

After Kate and Jamie and I got the work down and all packed up, I stopped in at the office to say goodbye to the Masterworks team. Jill helped once again to transport the remaining work back to St. George’s, but not without a detour to swim on the south shore (my first time).

I realized, when Diana, Jill and I went swimming at Horseshoe Bay, that this was what was missing from my exhibition. I needed happy swimmers and beach-goers enjoying the most beautiful beaches on the planet. Maybe I was working too hard, and I should have relaxed more and done some drawing and painting at the beach.

Hmmm. Guess I’ll have to come back, no?  🙂


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