Posted by: janamatusz | June 21, 2011

June 20 – Bermuda National Holiday “Heroes Day”

The third Monday in June is Heroes Day in Bermuda. There was a kite festival and celebration at Fort St. Catherine, so Marta and I went to join the fun.

Bermuda kites often have noise-maker attachments and make amazingly loud buzzing noises when they are aloft. They sound like amplified mosquito buzzing, or maybe grass trimmers. (It’s quite something on Good Friday, the traditional kite-flying time, to hear lots of them buzzing away.)

It was rather nasty and windy weather, so the kite flying at Fort St. Catherine was actually quite limited, but everyone still seemed to be enjoying the day. Jill and Scott had a good day at Blackbeard’s Hideout. It was nice to take a long walk and show Marta more of St. George’s, all the way to Mullet Bay.


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