Posted by: janamatusz | June 18, 2011

June 17 – Morning teaching and The Opening!

It was such a fun art group morning at Renate’s! We learned about the picture plane and the “power of the pencil” and practiced new skills. Thank you to Renate for sharing her home, and for the absolutely delicious lunch! I was moved and honored by her hospitality and kindness. It was a very special morning. Keep those elbows straight!  🙂

After a brief rest, it was back to Masterworks for the opening. I was so happy to see so many people who took the time to come see my work. It was gratifying to hear so many complimentary comments. Thank you all! To those people who purchased something, I thank you sincerely, and hope that the works will bring you much pleasure for years and years to come.

Thanks to Masterworks for this opportunity to share my work.  I think the exhibition is a testament to Bermuda’s unique beauty and its power to inspire. Bermuda is an incredible place for an artist. I’m so grateful for the chance I’ve had to work here.

Once again, I warmly thank Jill and Scott and Marta for all their help and support. I so enjoy their company, and I’m grateful for all the kindness and caring. Thank you!!!!!!


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