Posted by: janamatusz | June 9, 2011

June 9 – Another Thursday at Masterworks

The countdown is on. Only one week before I put up the exhibition. Time is going very quickly.

It helps to be an early riser. Got laundry and a round of varnishing done before I headed out for the Botanical Gardens. Once there I had a wonderful tour of the collection which is being archived by Paul Pegnato. Thanks, Paul! What treasures you have to work with! I’m awed by your enthusiasm and the enormity of your project.

Spent some time drawing at Homer’s during Tea Time. Sonia and Pascal do an incredible job, and The Flying Chef provides such great food. I look forward to my Masterworks days since I know I’ll have a fantastic lunch! Got a surprise ride home (thanks, Jill and Scott!) and was able to pick up the mats which were cut for me by Frameworks on very short notice. Many thanks for a super job there!

Put some finishing touches on my latest painting. Another full day.


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