Posted by: janamatusz | May 26, 2011

May 26 – Another day at the Botanical Gardens and Masterworks

Today was beautiful day for painting. I painted a tree well-beloved by Bermudians who have climbed it as children. It is indeed a ficus, a rubber plant. Hard to believe that your house plant could become one of these one day!

I spent the afternoon at Masterworks, and will be there for the next two Thursday afternoons as well. So if you’d like to paint, watch, or have a really wonderful delicious Afternoon Tea (2-4pm) come to Homer’s Cafe on June 2 or June 9.

By the way, Masterworks Museum is having a Super Saturday this Saturday 10-2, with free admission and lots of activities for kids and adults. I’ll be there too! Come enjoy the museum and be creative!


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