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Please note -- all of my work is done
on-site, en plein air.
Never from photographs. I also paint alla prima, all in one sitting, and I very rarely make second visits or touchups in the studio.

The advantage this gives is a sense of excitement, freshness, and immediacy. Of course, I must contend with the many difficulties of plein air painting. I call them plein airritations :-) -- heat, cold, sun, rain, wind, insects, people, animals, and constant shifts and changes in atmosphere, light, shadows and tides. Oh, yeah -- and poison ivy. :-( It's very challenging, (as any plein air painter will agree), but also very rewarding work.

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NEW! 2017 Maine in any season, and still lifes
2016 Paintings from Maine, Catskills, and Cape Ann
2015 Paintings from Acadia
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2014 Paintings from New England and Bermuda
2013 Paintings from New England
2012 Artwork
from the Czech Republic and Maine!
2011 Paintings
from Bermuda and Maine!
2010 Paintings
from Maine and Bermuda!
2009 Paintings
from Maine!
2008 Works from
Mid-Coast Maine
2007 Works from Acadia National Park
2007 Works from Great Cranberry Island, Maine
Works from Acadia National Park, Maine
Works from Ogunquit, Maine
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